Youth Representative of Lok Satta Party

Shiva Rama Krishna, Yuvasatta President
Shiva Rama Krishna, Yuvasatta President

Who is he?

Shiva Rama Krishna – a multi-faceted man with a huge spectrum of foresight for the society, nation and the people. A  boy from a middle-class family in Hyderabad who put politics before academics; SRK was so interested in politics before he grew his mustache. As soon as he finished with his 12th class, he joined a politics; ‘Lok Satta Party’ and continued his degree in correspondence.

SRK, besides being a politician, he is professionally a Theater artist has played about 300 mythological plays in prominent places like Ravindra Bharathi within a short time of 3-4 years. He played as ‘Lord Shiva’ on the first day of NTV Koti Deepotsavam.

SRK in one of his plays
SRK in one of his plays

He took his stage skills to an online TV called SCube where he has his special ‘Insight with SRK’ in which he interviews politicians, sports persons and business heads. Also, he has anchored a lot of stage shows and been a compere.

Apart from that, he is the Convener of ‘Youth for Better India’, ‘Yuva Satta State President’ representing ‘Lok Satta Party’ and a prominent member of ‘Hands to Enlight Life of People (HELP)’. He is been involved in Social Activities since 2006.

Why Politics?

When asked why did he join politics, SRK said “I was very much interested in politics since my high school because politics lets you serve to huge number of people. When one tries to help the society as an individual, he/she can contribute only a little. But when you’re a representative of the people, you can have good money as well as manpower to serve them. I have been a part of ‘Lok Satta Party’ since its inception in 2006.”

“A politician is public representative for a district/state. The tax paid has to be directed towards the betterment of the society and that is what we are trying to do,” he added.

Why ‘Lok Satta Party’?

“I was really impressed by JP Narayana Garu. The news that such an honest IAS officer is starting a political party encouraged me more. We believe in clean and corruption-free politics in Lok Satta Party,” said SRK.

SRK with JP Sir
SRK with JP Sir

“Lok Satta Party makes promises which are only achievable, possible and practical. We are not here to give false hope and win votes,” he added.

Early days in the Party:

Shiva Rama Krishna joined the party as a Yuva Satta member and now he has grown to be State Youth President for AP and Telangana, let us see what he has to say about it. “I was a Division Youth President, GHMC Youth President for two different constituencies, Greater Hyderabad Vise President, Uppal Constituency in-charge under JP Garu’s tenure as an MLA and now I’m the State Youth President of the party.”

“Basically, I was promoted every year and given different roles to serve people by the party. I’m happy that they have recognized my work. In case of other parties it is not this easy to come up this quickly, but out party is something different,” he added.

Shiva Rama Krishna ane nenu…..

When asked what are his plans as an MLA, he said “It is really simple. Government is an organization that does something which an individual cannot. I cannot lay roads on my own, I cannot provide 3-phase electricity connection to you as an individual and several others. Just for these basic amenities people depend on a Government. I will make sure, these amenities reach people in right time.”

SRK in 'Youth Parliament'
SRK in ‘Youth Parliament’

“My priorities of work will be good roads, uninterrupted electricity, unpolluted water, easily accessible health services and government schools equivalent to privates. Quality of teachers in government schools are higher than that of private schools because of the variation is selection processes. But yet, not many prefers government schools because they lack facilities which private schools provide. We are keen in providing these facilities,” he added.

His services to the society:

  • Setting up ‘Primary Health Centers’ to make health services easily available for everyone.
  • Conducting ‘Youth Parliament’ in places like Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam and Tirupathy every year to make youth understand the procedures followed in the Parliament of the country.
  • Conducted ‘Women Parliament’ at Osmania University on Women’s Day, which was first ever of its kind.
  • Served people of Kurnool district in 2009 floods with relief funds and materials.
  • Conducting ‘Cancer Awareness Program’ by joining hands with Gautami, actress.
  • Conducted ‘Winners Walk’ for cancer survivors.
SRK with Gautami Ma'am
SRK with Gautami Ma’am
  • Supporting Asha Foundation with relief funds and materials for Kerala floods.
  • Conducted ‘Environmental Fest’ at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad to reduce the usage of plastics.
  • Working for re-inclusion of ’26 castes removed from BC’.
  • Provided drainage facility, water and electricity to his own colony to prove his prowess as a potential public representative.

And these are all just the tip of an iceberg. He does many other social activities for the betterment of society.


  • Was called up by Pawan Kalyan as a ‘Best Speaker’.
  • ‘Youth Icon Award’ 2018. Received from Mr Rosaiah, Mr JD Lakmi Narayana, Mr Nrusimha Bharathi, Mr Venugopala Chari.
  • First day performance in NTV ‘Koti Deepotsavam’ as ‘Lord Shiva’.
SRK with Pawan Kalyan
SRK with Pawan Kalyan

“I have a wonderful support by my family; my parents, my brother and my sister-in-law. They understand what I’m going through and they are the pillar to my success, I’d like to thank them,” he said.



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