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    JSR Annamayya

    JSR Annamayya, son of proud parents Mr Jonnalagadda Sriram Murthy and Mrs P Lakshmi Kanthamma and J Vijay Ragavendra’s brother. JSR Annamayya is a young social activist in town, working for Accenture; leading a team of twenty Associate Engineers started his phenomenal journey in 2016 while traveling in bus. JSR Annamayya, Gold Medalist (EEE) from Tirumala Engineering College, Narasaraopet. He has presented more than 19 presentations in various colleges like BITS-Pilani, JNTUH, Anna University and many more. He’s also been recognized by many colleges with awards and rewards for his work.

    Working Towards Better Tomorrow:

    Annamayya, who looks up to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as his inspiration and walks by Dr Kalam’s words, started his humble journey of serving the society in a bus when he met an under-deserved student who was traveling along side him.

    He illustrated “I was traveling to my home town for a break during my graduation and kick-starting a career. That is when I met a student who was sitting beside me. I inquired him about his education, he said his teachers were well-versed, his college was completely equipped, but there is a gap between students and teachers.”

    “Those students are really poor, weak in communication skills and hesitant to bridge the gap. That is what motivated me to serve these kind of children,” he added. So, a teenage guy describing his situation provoked him to start serving the underprivileged and under-deserved students of the nation back in 2016.

    Numbers Matter:

    • Annamayya has delivered lectures for 54 weeks in Government Schools.
    • He has visited 40+Government schools in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
    • JSR has planted his foot in every school of Guntur District.
    • The man has taught more than 12,500 students in these states.
    • Annamayya has helped the students of Narsaraopet school to get 9.8 CGPA.
    • “My target is to teach at least 1 lakh students by 2020,” he relishes.

    What does he do different from teachers?

    When asked the same question, he replied “I teach them Personality Development, few tips on how to remember the subject and help students mind map. I, not only teach these techniques to students but also to teachers which will help them teach students better.”

    “I have a new style to revolutionize teaching, it is called ABC, ‘Action Before Concept’. With this method, teachers are asked practically experiment the concept for its complete understanding and teach them. Using ABC, one can explore new ways of teaching, contemporary examples and deliver the concept better,” he added.


    JSR reckons,”We have all kinds of facilities in Government schools; Digital Classrooms, Library and Well qualified teachers, but the execution of the course is really poor. Students are striving for knowledge and wisdom, but the teachers are just not able meet their expectations.”

    Annamayya rejoices that not even a single time has a student asked for breaks during his lectures in these two years. “Students and teachers would still recognize me in schools if I visit again. I’m happy I created such an impact,” says the social activist.

    What’s Imminent?

    • Commence an initiative called ‘WOW – Wonders On Wheels’.
    • WOW would be a bus with all the amenities required to teach students.
    • The bus travels from place to place in search of Government schools to teach.
    • Bus will be accessorized with equipment such as Wi-Fi, Projector, Computer/Laptop, etc.
    • All these can be enjoyed by the students for free of cost.
    • About 30% of work on WOW are completed.

    “WOW was started way back in 2015. I started a Journal, constituting of three pages, of which two were dedicated to educational news and updates. And the last was for Aptitudes and Reasoning. I was set out to distribute the Journal in the college buses so that students can utilize the gift of time. WOW bus is just an extension of Journal,” utters Annamayya.

    “I’d wish to eradicate words like ‘FEAR’ and ‘BORE’ from the students’ dictionary to make the teaching more interactive and fun,” he adds.

    One-Man Army:

    JSR doesn’t have any team to work for him, he is the captain of his own ship. He sets out on unplanned missions during weekend to teach the students. As a single man he has successfully occupied the hearts of under deserved students.

    “I do not notify anyone about my arrival. I take a bus to an unintentional destination, find a government school and ask the teachers permission to teach the kids for the day. They would most certainly agree after looking at my certificates,” Annamayya says.

    “If a single person like me can help the society by teaching about 12,000 students, imagine what impact could be created with a team of 20-30, You do the Math,” JSR satires.

    Previous Works:

    Annamayya was awarded as ‘Best Start-up Idea’ in 2016 for his work on ‘Solar System Tree’. He mounted several Solar Panels in the shape of Tree, which reduced the land required to 1 acre from the previously used of 5 acres. And the efficiency of the system is also said to have increased from 18 percent to 19 percent.

    Annamayya’s Message:

    “As a responsible citizen of this nation, it is high time we give back something to the society which gave us education and helped us stand on our own feet. There are so many children in our country who need the help hands of well-off people like us,” He says.

    He asks the vibrant youth to join hands with him to serve the society. “Everybody has to to take the responsibility for the betterment of this society. Taking few hours of your weekend for the people won’t hurt. I’d wish to change the way how ‘Weekend’ works for everyone. Everybody asks me to inform them about the dates of my next trip, but when it comes to reality they’re all packed with unpacked work. Weekends are not meant to be lethargic, work for your company on weekdays and for the society on weekends,” Annamayya broods.


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