The Untold Truth- An interesting take on Indian Education


Hyderabad– Short films are a powerful way to express one’s opinions. Especially in the world as of today, a lot of messages have come across through this medium of entertainment. Many of these films are big on ideas and touch lots of sensitive issues in society. Someone once said, “A short film is a way to express how I feel about something”, and truer words haven’t been spoken. Himanshu Gottiparthi is one such artist from the city who is pursuing his passion in the short film industry. His Telugu short film ‘Indian Education: The Untold Truth’ was recently launched on Youtube. This film has evoked a certain interest with the audience and already has more than 5k views.



The story follows the current Indian Education System through the eyes of a topper facing his worst nightmare during his final year of graduation. It questions the structure of college management and the current status of education in society. “This is just the beginning. If this is successful, a feature film will be rolled out by questioning the system in depth”, said Himanshu.



The entire team of ‘Indian Education-The Untold Truth’,

DIrected by: Himanshu Gottiparthi

Produced By: Bhasker Gottiparthi

Director of Photography(DOP): Thirupathi Goud

Music: Aravind Shekharan

Sound Design: Sumith Bunny

Post Production: Cragee Pictures

Editing-DI-VFX: Himanshu Gottiparthi

Direction Department; Chanikya Vemala & Manoj Kumar

Starring: Naveen Abhi, Raja Rambabu, Sardani Pooja Kour & Chanikya

Digital Branding Partner : Digital Connect

Media Partner : Aadab Hyderabad 

You can watch the entire film over here:

Indian Education: The Untold Truth 4K|| Telugu Short Film 2018|| By Himanshu Gottiparthi


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