Telangana 8th in the country in most number of accidents


Ministry of Roads Transports and Highways has surveyed the total accidents recorded across the country in 2017 and reported that 4.8% of them is said to have reported in the state of Telangana.  Telangana stands 8th in the list of total road accidents reported last year.

According to the report, Tamil Nadu recorded most number of accidents for two consecutive years, Uttar Pradesh recorded maximum number of fatalities in 2017. The number of accidents have declined in the states of Maharashtra and Rajasthan in the year 2017 compared to 2016. While the scenario has worsened in Telangana and Uttar Pradesh.

In the state of Telangana, speeding is the primary cause of the accidents with toll being 21,135, and other two causes being driving while on cellphone with 263 cases and Drunk and Drive with 163 cases. Telangana also contributed to 4.7% of accidents in the country in 2017. The state stands ninth in the fatality list in 2017. 969 pedestrians have lost their lives across the state last year.

Classification of accidents was done according to the area they were reported in, which showed that 3,532 accidents took place in ‘residential areas’, 1,116 took palce in ‘institutional areas’, 3,371 in ‘commercial areas’ and 9,315 in ‘open areas’. In terms of type of roads, 13,398 were in ‘straight roads’, 1,320 in ‘curved roads’, 506 on ‘flyovers’ and 250 in ‘culverts’.


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