Skopic brings Information Networking and Individual Responsibility for Social Good


Skopic, a knowledge management search engine, seeks to bring firsthand knowledge to people within their community from cities and neighborhoods to schools and similar interest groups in order to increase the likelihood of accurate information being shared. Unlike other applications, Skopic utilizes a database to store past questions and answers that were previously discussed which quickens the search process for all users. Therefore, Skopic’s most disruptive feature is the ability to quickly and reliably share information amongst users. As many users become more skeptical of the internet and “false news”, it is important to have firsthand accounts of news from trusted sources.

Skopic drives community development through niche knowledge sharing and information networking rather than traditional social networking. Skopic allows for information sharing that is not made possible by today’s social applications. As a disruptive paradigm, Skopic’s platform works to connect and create lasting engagement with individuals and their community.

Skopic narrows down the information that someone searches for to get specific and real answers within a community. Google is tailored for global search as well as for users cookies and preferences, but Skopic uses relevant user information and location to find answers that other searches cannot provide while also reducing the clutter.

Skopic’s unique selling proposition is to provide community specific actionable information instantaneously, that cannot be found otherwise. Skopic can be downloaded freely on the App store or on Google play. Skopic is digitally responsible, incorporating the idea that user generated information must be reduced, reused and recycled to the best of technology’s abilities.

Skopic Cofounders Ravi Gudapati and Murali Pidathala are originally from Hyderabad and they made San Francisco Bay Area their adopted home.

To learn more about Skopic or start your own online Community, visit WWW.SKOPIC.COM.


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