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There are very few families that actively encourage a person to pursue their talent, especially in the field of art and literature. The mentality out there in the society causes us to compete in the rat race for fast-paced and competitive careers. This is not wrong, however there is very less emphasis on art and literature and youngsters are usually pushed towards other careers rather than pursuing their passion.

Hunar House was started by Abhinay Bharadwaj. A passionate writer himself, the idea struck him two years ago to build a community where people can express their feelings through their talent and that’s how it was started on October 15th, 2017. Initially called Xplore Abhinayam, the concept was to allow people to find a common platform to share their talent with like-minded people. The members of the core team include Abhinay, Shreeya, Ritika, Harsh and Himanish. After putting more thought into it, the name was changed to Hunar House. He says “ Hunar means mastership in Hindi while it represents art in Urdu. Putting those two together we get the ‘Mastership of Art’ which describes what we do here”, on asking him why he and his team chose the name.



So far, Hunar House has conducted around 15 events in three cities namely Hyderabad, Ranchi and Ahmedabad. Their close-knit community consists of artists of literature including poets, writers, public speakers, orators and comedians. The motto of Hunar House goes as such “Talent yours, House ours”, working towards spreading awareness of the creative arts. Their list of events includes workshops, mentorships, open mic nights and many more. Hunar House is coming soon to Delhi and Uttarakhand.

Hunar House is collaborating with Thegirlimprints for their next event coming up this 22nd of December in Hyderabad at Phoenix Arena.



Thegirlimprints is a group from Delhi that has always served the society with their efforts. One of their fests called ‘Safar’ is an initiative from their side as a hope of humanity which aims to collectively reach 25 cities by this December.

Thegirlimprints came to form in June 2017 when 3 Delhi university students took to a mission to pen down their thoughts. Today, it’s a pan Indian community lead by Nikita Singh which not only works to provide platform to all kinds of artists but also works to sponsor girl child education. With a span of more than 1 year they have published their own book, magazine and have also had more than 6 successful events across the country. The best part is that all proceeds go for the cause and thus their social partners go to a village to have a scholarship to sponsor girl child education.

An open mic session will be held for all kinds of artists irrespective of their talent, type, theme and genre. The event will take place between 2-5pm.

All proceedings gathered from the event will be used to sponsor girl child education.

For registering for the event, you can fill in the form below:

You can also follow Hunar House on social media platforms like,

Facebook: Xplore Abhinayam

Email: [email protected]

Youtube: Hunar House




Email: [email protected]

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