Purvi Sharma from Hyderabad, winner at WKU 2018


Meet Purvi Sharma, the 11-year old kid who represented our country this year at the World Karate Championship(WKU) held previously in October this year. Winning silver in the competition, she has become the youngest member of the Indian Contingent to have achieved this triumph. The Indian Contingent consisted of 11 members which included a total of eight participants and 3 officials. The WKU 2018 took place in Athens, Greece this year.

“Making this decision of allowing her to go wasn’t easy for us”, says Amita Sharma, the mother of Purvi. Being supportive was only the beginning, according to Amita. What started off as a simple hobby to keep her active in co-curricular turned into something else altogether. Starting off at the age of 7, Purvi had joined karate classes after school hours at St. Peter’s Grammar School. Realising she had talent and an interest to pursue further, her mother joined her in Okinawa Martial Arts Academy in 2015. She had been in training under Mohammed Mansoor Pasha who doesn’t consider it a surprise that she didn’t come home empty-handed back from the Championship.

Purvi’s first achievement was at a State Level Tournament held in Lal Bahadur Stadium, Hyderabad where she had won first place and a gold medal in the sparring event. After this, her mother had quit her job working at an MNC to fully support her daughter. Her next accomplishment was at the Nationals held in Mahabaleshwar in 2017 where she had won gold. This had qualified her for the World Karate Championship which took place earlier this year.


After being selected as a part of the Indian Contingent to represent the country on an international level, a rigorous training schedule had been made for her to become fit for the competition. Her older sister and her parents have always been her support system and motivation. This and the continuous encouragement received from her school by were major benefactors in her journey to becoming the youngest Indian girl to have achieved this feat.

“We almost backed out in the last moment from the World Championship”, says her mother. This matter came in question when Purvi had no sponsor to bolster her trip to Athens. However, both her parents had faced all odds and made sure she was present at the World Karate Championship. Regardless, this may not be a matter of apprehension for next year’s championship being held in Austria. Purvi has already qualified as a participant for 2019.


This talented 11-year old has made her family, friends, school and also her country proud!! We are confident she will continue to do so in all her future endeavours.

To get in touch with her regarding sponsorship, a mail address has been provided.

[email protected]


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