Petition to Celebrate Dr. APJ’s Birthday as National Ideation Day


I would like to begin with a famous proverb “Idle man’s mind is a devil’s workshop.” There seems to be none who understands this proverb better than Mr. Raghunandan, writer and motivational speaker from Hyderabad at the moment, who has filed a petition to the Prime Minister of India to announce October 15th Dr. Abdul Kalam’s birthday as National Ideation Day.

Our country is currently the youngest nation in the world which has average age of 29. The unemployed/idle youths are being targeted and paid by the political parties to involve in violence/protests against the governments and the sad part is that the youths are accepting the offers. These youths are the potential time bombs of the country. The petitioner said “Our country is sitting on a potential time bombs that’d blast any day if they are not channelized towards a good deed.”

National Ideation Day is the clarion call for the children/youths of the nation to trigger them to think. National Ideation Day is being announced to enable to take first step towards THINKING. We are in an era where the opportunities in government sector are depleting faster than natural resources, hence Mr. Raghunandan has called up everyone to “Start Thinking.”

The one who thinks is not idle, he/she is involved in some or the other work irrespective of the income denomination. He believes Idea activates Creativity which in turn provokes Innovation. His motive is to create a spark of Idea in youths and  guide the Idea towards Development.

“Right now we are spending all our energy in making National Ideation Day a reality” he said to us in an exclusive interview. He added “After we honor our Ex-President’s birthday with National Ideation Day, we will start to walk the path he paved; THINK.”

Mr. Ragunandan told us that they are creating a sensation across the nation, calling it HOW MOVEMENT. With How Movement they claim to put their Leaders into work in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra schools and colleges to plant a seed to THINK in the young minds.  They are set out to ask a new question “How would you work to make this world a better place?” rather than asking a mundane question like “What do you want to become?” and get a very normal answer like Pilot, Engineer, Teacher, Doctor, etc. “The How question opens a wide spectrum of perspective from the young minds of the country, so I’d like to eradicate What questions which seem to narrow down the options for them. And I encourage the youth to ask the same question to their parents, friends and peers” The collective motto of How Movement is to eradicate THOUGHT POVERTY and solve LEADERSHIP CRISIS.

His message to the youth of the country is “I invite everyone to be a part of and support How Movement and enable ourselves to think half as good as our people’s President . Please spread the word about National Ideation Day  and sign the petition.”

To sign the petition, please click the link


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