No Shave November: Creating Cancer Awareness

No Shave November.
No Shave November.

The men across the country have once again put down their razors to be a part of ‘No Shave November’. No Shave November or Movember, a concept which exploded in Indian setup quite recently. The movement has garnered huge popularity among the new generation mostly. Young men are stepping up to play their part, consciously or unconsciously, towards generating consciousness about cancer among people by participating in the cause.

The idea of No Shave November stems from the concept of embracing your hair, which many cancer patients lose. Henceforth, awareness is created about the same to stand unanimously against this heinous disease.

Although earlier the agenda was to make people conscious of only the prostate and testicular cancer. But with time, this has spread out to generate awareness on all types of cancer. Participants, here, are asked to donate the money that would otherwise be spent on grooming that hair by buying fancy razors or by frequently visiting the barbershop.

Men and women, both can participate in this noble cause by playing their respective parts to help the people.

Together we can make a change!


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