NDTV Results: Strongest Q3, Profitable Like Q1, Q2


    The NDTV Group has declared a profit of 7.3 crores for the quarter ended December 31, 2018, with its broadcast company, NDTV Limited, showing its best Q3 in 11 years with a profit of Rs. 4.5 crores in this financial year, NDTV’s broadcast operations have delivered a profit in all three quarters so far — a first in 14 years
    What is of special significance is the scale of the turnaround: so far this year, NDTV Limited or the group’s broadcast operations have recorded a profit of 5.5 crores, compared to a loss of Rs 48 crores for the same period last year
    For the Group, the turnaround for the year so far is Rs 63 crores. This is the Group’s best Q3 in six years
    Operating costs for the broadcast company have been cut by Rs 28 crores YoY (Year—OnYear) and by Rs 11 crores since the first quarter of this year.
    NDTV Convergence, the company’s digital arm, has, for the first time, earned more than 40 crores in one quarter. in December, the company disclosed that it has signed a record five— year advertising deal worth more than 300 crores with native advertising platform Taboola. NDTV Hop, the world’s first live channel for mobile phones (shot and streamed entirely in vertical mode) which was launched in October, crossed 1 crore views in December, establishing Proof of Concept of the channel’s appeal among Gen Z users.


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