Leveraging Digital Marketing by FTAPCCI Was a Great Success


    On 16th of March 2019, Saturday FTAPCCI conducted an event for Businesses, SMEs and Entrepreneurs called “Leveraging Digital Marketing For Businesses and SMEs.” The event had the speakers who were legends in their respective fields. But they all had one thing in Common; they were also experts in Digital Marketing.

    The keynote speaker; Mr. Turab Lakdawala, Managing Director, Tempest Advertising, an advertising professional with degree in Agriculture and the Founder of Tempest Advertising Pvt Ltd., Specialized in Advertising, CRM, Entrepreneurship. He emphasized on the importance of a website or an online platform for a brand these days. He also gave a few tips on how to improve the brand, which he observed in his journey of 25 years. To name a few; A brand has to be socially responsible, Focus on being discovered rather than selling, DUCA factor and Educating the customer.

    Mr. Nikeelu Gunda, Member, IT Committee, FTAPCCI & Founder, Digital Connect, Nikeelu Gunda was one of the panel members and he is the founder of Digital Connect, a tech-marketing company that deals with end to end Marketing and branding for Startups, SME’s & MSME’s. His main focus was on how to get an online presence with no or minimum investment. Highlights of his talk were; Listing the business in varios sites like Google Business, Justdial, Sulekha and other yellow pages, Creating profile on Social Media and keeping the people engaged and posting Visual content and Videos.

    Ms. Nisha Bengani, Head – Digital Marketing, Big Bears, Nisha Bengani is a digital marketing professional with rich experience in crafting digital marketing strategy for B2C & B2B organizations. Strong understanding of the digital pillars such as social media, mobile, web, search, email marketing. She threw some light on how many people are accessing sites through mobiles and through desktops. And suggested the business people to design the website for mobiles rather than for desktops.

    Mr. Niranjan, Co-Founder, 8Views.com, Hyderabad, Niranjan has garnered tremendous experience in marketing and management. And his main vision is to help brands meet their business goals through the rapidly growing online space. Niranjan was also a professional cricketer until he was 25. His talk was based on how successful a campaign can fare when the research is done right. He showed some classical works of his own.

    Ms. Rekha Oswal, Head-Digital Marketing, Tempest Advertising Pvt.Ltd. (Awarded “The Most Influential Woman in Advertising – South India, A1 Influential Business Woman Awards, 2017). When everyone talked on how to conduct an effective social media campaign, Rekha went a little behind in time and what one needs to take care while running a campaign, she abbreviates it SOSTAC; Situational Analysis, Objective, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control.

    Mr. Sai Satish, Author of several books on Ethical Hacking; Sai Satish is an young Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Indian Servers. An Author, a renewed Ethical Hacker & Cyber Security Expert,Microsoft Security Researcher,International Cyber Security trainer.  He highlighted some ways through which one can know everything about their own site. To name some; Local SEO – Classified sites, Whatsapp Marketing and some apps which will make visual content and videos.

    The FTAPCCI event on “Leveraging Digital Marketing” was a grand success as it ended with Questions and Answers session and the attendees had an interaction with speakers, entrepreneurs and some business heads in the city over tea.


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