Influencers Meetup 3.0


The iDone SEO startup conducted a ‘Influencers Meetup’ on 27th October. It was an initiation by the company to provide a platform for the enthusiasts and people with startup ideas. It helped them interact with the ‘Influencers’ – the famous people on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The company has is aiming to conduct more than 60 events in the upcoming year similar to this. It would encourage the entrepreneurs-to-be to brush up their ideas and the entrepreneurs in the market to get feedback on their product and help them sell their product through internet.

The last ‘Influencers Meetup’ held was a successful one with 15+ participants and the occasion was graced by entrepreneurs from various fields. The meetup helped them understand the ‘Influencers’ market – which is going to be the next big thing in the ‘Digital Marketing’ world.

iDone SEO is planning to conduct a ‘National Level Summit’ in December which will be a biggest event from the company. There are a lot of awards to be given in different categories to encourage the entrepreneurs-to-be and the entrepreneurs.


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