Hyderabad gets India’s first and only exclusive breast health center


    Breast cancer is the largest cause of cancer deaths in women today. Despite the fact that survival rates for early stage breast cancer are as high as 99%, the mortality rates in our country are at a whopping 40%. This is due to limitations like high cost, lack of awareness as well as socio-cultural issues like fear, discomfort, negligence etc., that prevent women from seeking regular preventive screenings. Early detection through preventive screening is the need of the hour and an area where innovation is needed to rethink how to motivate women to get regular screenings done.

    A heartening news for Hyderabad is the presence of an India only exclusive breast cancer screening centre named UmAnG at Lumbini Jewel Mall. It is an example of how innovative screening technology is changing early stage breast cancer detection. This centre is a unique place for women who want to go for a screening in a friendly environment without having to visit a hospital for the same.

    UmAnG strives to create awareness of breast cancer and offers a unique screening experience for women. The breast health screening technology developed by artificial intelligence-based health-tech company Niramai is radiation free, noncontact, painless and is completely privacy-aware. During the test, no one touches, compresses, or even sees the women who is being screened.

    “Dr. Arpitha Velanky was thrilled to be able to get her screening done at Umang recently.” Dr. Arpitha Velanky said

    UmAnG also conducts on premise breast health screening camps and successfully conducted corporate screening program at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories recently. It has received excellent response from women and helped them take care of their breast health.

    Namrata Gill Tyagi, Vice President and Head Corporate HR, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, said, “Undergoing breast cancer screening regularly is essential for women’s good health. At Dr. Reddy’s, we are committed to the well-being of our employees and encourage them to undergo periodic health check-ups. We appreciate the UmAnG team for organizing a breast cancer screening camp for our employees at our Miyapur facility in Hyderabad.”

    Dr. Jeevan Rao Mangleker, Oncologist, Hyderabad said, “While young women who feel healthy and have no symptoms may not feel she needs to get her breast cancer screening done, it is important for them to know that breast cancer may not be associated with symptoms until later in the disease process and can happen at a very young age as well. It is advisable for them to undergo regular screening to ensure they do not have any health risk and avoid late detection. I am glad to hear about Niramai’s radiation-free technology that is effective for women across all age groups, and will encourage women to come forward for regular screenings at Umang Health Centre.”

    While experts are gradually recognizing the impact made by AI in early diagnosis of breast cancer, for most women, gynecologists remain the key influencers and, in most cases, are the ones to put them on the right path of diagnosis. “Gynecologists must play a key role in increasing awareness as well and encouraging preventive screening”, believes Prof. Dr. M. Durga, Senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Manju Sudha hospital. “It helps to be able to recommend our patients a test that they can undergo without worrying about factors like pain, radiation etc that prevent them from seeking timely intervention.”

    Umang aims to support the objective of early diagnosis of breast cancer through their unique service. With that, Hyderabad is in a unique position to take a lead in increasing preventive breast health screenings for its women. But the rest of the responsibility lies not just women, but also with their family members who need to take the next step. All they need to do is to book appointment for this convenient test and encourage women around them to take charge of their own health.

    UmAnG Health Centre is located in Lumbini Jewel Mall, Road No.2 Banjara Hills. Women who wish to undergo screening can walk-in or book an appointment by calling +91 9959277070. More information about technology can be found on http://www.umanghealth.com.


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