Do you know what your bookshelf tells about your personality?

What your bookshelf says about your personality?
What your bookshelf says about your personality?

Your bookshelf reveals this about your personality!

A man’s bookshelf will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about him – Walter Mosley. Bookshelves are collector’s pride and speak volumes about the personality of the owner! The way you want to place your books clearly states your preferences in life as well. Some love to display books in a colour-coded pattern and others love to ornament their shelves that also exhibits a lot about their travel stories and preference of knick-knacks.

Stacked Up

If your bookshelf looks clumsy and overloaded with books in every nook and corner of the amazing bookshelf, it does not mean that you are clumsy in life too. You are a mad genius and do not believe in outward personality or looks but trust the inner self and the content inside.


If you like to deck up your bookshelf with your favourite figurines, it clearly unravels the fact that you have an active child in you who still get fascinated by the knick-knacks you have collected or have been gifted. You are that kid who would crave to get the latest dinosaurs figurine home before any of your friends!


Your mind is compartmentalized into different chambers and you keep the issues in life well segregated. You like to organize things according to your preference even if that sounds confusing to others. You have a little bit of every kind of personality trait in you and you know how to balance them all together.


You are one creative mind who never compromises on presentation and of course you love colours. Experimenting with crafts and exploring new opportunities is what you love the most. Even though you speak your mind loud, there is a space inside you that is very personal and secretive!

Alphabetical Order

If ‘American Gods’ by Neil Gaiman grabs a place before ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green, it does not means that you like the latter any less but means that you are way too organised and prefer to keep things in order. A great problem-solver, you are classy and love vintage.


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