Crisis management in Sri Kakulam to avert disaster due to Cyclone Phethai


The collector of Sri Kakulam District K Dhananjaya Reddy has stated that the area might receive 20cm of rainfall due to the cyclonic storm of Phethai. The Collector and Joint Collector K.V.N Chakradhar Babu had an emergency meeting to discuss possible crisis management with the heads of the irrigation, fire service, revenue and other relevant departments in the district. The district administration of Sri Kakulam has their hands full while preparing for alternate management in times of this crisis. Experts have said that the rainfall may lead to flooding of the rivers Nagavali, Bahuda, Vamsadhara and other rivers close to the region.

Irrigation Circle engineer from district M.Surender Reddy was asked to systemise with the administration of Odisha to understand and keep track of the inflows coming from the surrounding catchment areas of Odisha. According to him, releasing water from the Gotta barrage would help reduce flood tide in the low-lying areas. Proper releasing of the water would ensure that people living in these areas would not succumb to flooding.

The coastline extends up to almost 200km. This is why the effects of Cyclone Phethai may be particularly harsh on the small district of Srikakulam. “ We are establishing control rooms in all mandals of all sensitive villages and constantly keeping an eye on the ground level situation. We do not want to take any chances”, said the Collector.

Meanwhile, the Government has initiated the educational department to declare holidays for all schools and institutions following the dreary weather. The streets of Sri Kakulam remained empty as most civilians remained indoors due to the constant rainfall. Parents were relieved on hearing the declaration of holidays. Schools remained closed on both Monday and Tuesday.


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