Clevert, the world’s first privacy centric platform


Got 10 new followers in a day on Instagram! Yay, you are on your way to become famous. But this becomes infamous when you get 10 followers on real streets, and it is not ‘yay’ anymore. Irksome, right?

The internet world is an extremely strange place to be in. If you think you are safe and out of (harmful) reach behind your screens, you need to think again. Your internet activities are constantly being tracked by likes of Facebook, Google and other online giants. And at the blink of an eye, there are thousand out there who know which restaurant you plan to eat at this weekend, which city you wish to travel on your next holiday, which underwear you secretly desire to buy and many more such private information. What is more frightful is that the link you wanted to open out of curiosity but did not because you thought after a click Facebook would know it, you are mistaken, Facebook knows it anyway just by the amount of time you spent staring at that link!

So what do Google, Facebook or the likes get by tracking and collecting data? What happens next? These data being your private information is let out to others (sometimes wrong hands) for monetary benefits. The internet world has no doors or windows to preserve your privacy. Look up your phone number and surely you will find it mentioned somewhere on Google, Bing or other search engines too, without your knowledge!
And you reach a point where you begin to question yourself, “How to go Incognito?” or “how can we preserve privacy?”, well, here’s an apt solution to this problem. as the world’s first privacy centric communication platform lets you preserve your privacy you are looking for in the online world.
The app lets you follow brands, influences and any other content channel of your choice anonymously while also allowing you to chat with the followed channels freely. You can be yourself on Clevert without feeling anxious about being tracked or trolled.

The app also provides local insights on stores, food, coffee places, and more according to your likes. But most importantly if you’ve ever faced breach of privacy, it brings to you an opportunity to convey your experience and in turn educate others to stand up against the privacy breach!

What do Brands get in all these?

Brands get a strong advantage to directly reach out to their loyal consumers regarding any new product or service launches, new offers or coupon codes, news etc. while influencers reach out to their followers directly to build awareness and drive actions from their followers. For both, brand and influencers, the word goes out to the right audience without having to invest on traditional marketing tools like SMS marketing or email marketing, while also reducing the spends on social media marketing and increasing the ROI. is the future for brands looking to bringing results to their organization through cost effective ways.

Clevert aims at reaching out to the smallest and biggest business and providing them with the platform to reach out to their customers in a spam-free way!

As told by Dyvik Chenna, Product Marketing Manager Head at Clevert during Digital Marketing Summit 2018 by IDoneSeo.

Interview taken by Srujana Turaga, Digital Connect

You can check them out by logging in to and explore a world that’s customized according to your likes.


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