15 students from IARE college bagged internship with US based startup Skopic



Calling itself a transformational community app, ‘Skopic’ is a platform that was built for developing more informed and engaged communities. A product with the vision embraced to develop a critical missing use case in real time digital information scenario, Skopic is a community app that allows social learning through knowledge and information sharing as opposed to other social media platforms that also focus on different forms of sharing.

Skopic provides its users with communities where a participant can ask, say or update the members of the community with relevant information. The communities on Skopic are developed using geo-social context. The user interface is such that moderators and participants both can adapt to the settings of the page conveniently which promotes community living, organising and passage of information on a digital platform. The nature of this user generated content is both niche and of instant and lasting value within these communities. The development of community knowledge happens over a period of time as users keep asking and answering questions on the forum-like platform through active engagement from community participants.

Skopic is an ideal platform for

  • Universities and college campuses
  • Elementary, middle and high schools
  • Advocacies and interest groups
  • Neighbourhoods and apartment communities

Students from Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE) were given training in Skopic India Headquarters.


Students receiving certificate of training from Skopic


The list of students who bagged an internship with Skopic are as follows,

K.Koushik, Neha, Shashi Preetham, Umair Khan, Kariprolu Akash, Cinderella Jordan, Haswanth Sri Sai Paleti, Manu Kumar Thakur, Jagini Sujith Kumar, N.Devi Prasad, Bhaskarabhatia Manaswini, Siva Sainath Reddy, Maheshwaran Sai Deepthi and Keerthana.


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